Who said you need a new computer?

  • If your computer is less than 500Mhz in speed then yes you should get a new computer.
  • If your computer is 500-800Mhz then it will run Windows 98SE easily.
  • You may need to get more RAM and a larger Hard drive (HDD) Min to run well 128MB RAM 20Gig HDD.
  • If your computer is 800Mhz plus then it should run Windows XP easily. Ideal RAM for XP 256MB min.

Why run Windows XP?

  • It installs hardware really easily. It has a built in firewall- keeps out virus worms that sniff out open ports on computers when they are connected to the net.
  • XP has self repairing features. If your machine is playing up then restart a few times and it may solve it.

My machine was OK when I bought it, but now it runs really slow?

You more than likely need to do a clean up.

Use the following:

  1. Easycleaner

    It cleans out unnecessary files, temp files and internet cache. (Ignore the duplicates.)

  2. Diskeeper

    Defragment your hard drive. This puts files together with their other components on the hard drive, and substantially speeds up loading and running.

  3. Microsoft Antispyware

    This gets rid of spyware that clogs up your internet experience.

  4. NOD32 Antivirus

    You may have a virus or an antivirus program that is crippling your computer.

  5. Get rid of the following off your pc: Kazaa, Limewire or any other free music download software. Hotbar and smiley faces on your email. Be careful with ICQ.

All of these programs plus other helpful tools are on our FREE page.

You may require assistance to setup and clean up. Please contact us for assistance.

OK, your machine needs to be upgraded, but what machine do you need?

  1. If you run Word, Excel, Internet and download pictures from your camera then 1.8-2.6 Celeron with onboard Sound and VGA will do it well. Remember 256MB RAM will do but more RAM the better. 40-80Gig Hard drive.
  2. If you want to do far more. EG: Video editing, Photoshop, High powered games like Sims 2, then you are better to get a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz or better, 128MB+ Video card, 120Gig+ SATA Hard drive. Separate sound card.
  3. What about the screen? If you can afford it, get a 19" LCD screen. At the least 17" CRT or LCD. (Flat screen)
  4. To keep your computer running sweet add the following software to the suggested software above: NOD32, Diskeeper, Microsoft Antispyware, Easycleaner and GoBack.