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GoBack™ sounds like a too-good-to-be-true software invention, a utility that lets you go back in time to repair any error on your system, but it's for real, and it works incredibly well.

The power to undo PC problems

Symantec's Norton GoBack™ 4.0 gives you the power to undo PC problems. It lets you roll back your system to a healthy state after a system problem or user error, retrieve deleted files easily, and recover individual files or an entire hard drive.

GoBack™ allows personal computer users to reach back in time with a simple, user friendly program to recover everything from minor computer glitches to major system failures. It's a computer users OOPS insurance. It takes the fear out of loading new software or losing important data. If you own a computer you need GoBack™, its like fire insurance but for your PC. Worried about viruses, no worries with GoBack. It's simple to run and it automatically tracks every move you make.

"GoBack adds a big margin of safety to everything you do with your computer because it keeps track of any changes you make to your computer and lets you instantly restore your hard drive to the way it was minutes or days before.Trust me, GoBack is a tool you'll find yourself using often."  - PCWorld magazine

PCs protected by GoBack can circumvent costly technical support by stepping back in time to a point when everything was okay. Because GoBack runs underneath the Windows operating system, it can restore a PC to working order even if Windows won't boot (no special disk is required). In addition, GoBack allows you to revert the entire hard drive to virtually any moment in the recent past - five minutes, five hours, even five days ago. You can also retrieve individual files or directories; even those emptied from the Recycle Bin.