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NOD32 Antivirus

ESET's NOD32 next-generation anti-threat software protects computers against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and adware. Its technology leadership excels in the measurable areas of consistent proactive malware detection, scan speed, and low system overhead.

NOD32 is the only product that has not missed an in-the-wild virus in more than 30 tests over 7 years by leading independent virus research authority Virus Bulletin Magazine [UK].

"We are truly amazed and can only applaud its performance
... the best virus protection program we have ever used."

- InternetWorld [IDG Sweden]

  • NEW !! Product comparison matrix [June 2005]

    See how ESET NOD32 actually compares head-to-head with other products using independent data from respected testing authorities. Link HERE.

  • NOD32 receives CheckMark Certification for Spyware [April 2005]

    To be certified for the Spyware Checkmark, NOD32 demonstrated detection of Trojans, key-loggers, cookies and other assorted malware in the West Coast Labs spyware test suite.

  • LIVE : Virus activity at Virus-Radar

    The Virus-Radar site maintained by NOD32 provides up to the minute information on current virus activity.

  • Latest Virus Bulletin (UK) Test Results [Feb 05, Win NT]

    Yet another VB100% award for NOD32 with no misses in any of the test sets [ItW and zoo], and no false positives.

Why NOD32?

NOD32 is a complete antivirus solution. Recommended by leading security experts, it is the only antivirus product that has never missed an in-the-wild virus in over 6 years of regular testing by leading independent virus research authority Virus Bulletin Magazine [UK].

For some independent FACTS on antivirus software comparisons click here.

  • Most secure and effective solution on the market - has the best detection record of any antivirus product
  • Lowest overhead of any antivirus product (up to 75% less system overhead)
  • Fastest scan speed of any antivirus product (2 to 50 times faster scanning performance)
  • Smallest update files of any antivirus product (typically 10-50 kb in size)
  • Fastest growing customer-base of any antivirus product
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Flexible and scalable - from single users to very large corporates
  • Significantly reduces exposure and risk to new viruses and worms (Advanced Heuristics)

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