We are able to audit your current technology and provide careful and practical advice on a variety of IT solutions. We keep in mind the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We strive to act more as our customers agent than as IT salesmen. Many of our customers have become very good friends.


We are very glad to come to you. We carry a wide range of spares and diagnostic software. We charge a small amount for travel ($20-30 in Auckland area.) and by the hour onsite. ($65/hour +GST) Minimum is 20 Minutes.


We can upgrade your pc and move all your data and settings to the new machine.

As a guide - Should you upgrade?

  • Home Internet Machine: If your pc is 200Mhz or less then it really will struggle with the internet. The reason is that you need Anti virus, Firewall, Office etc. And it will need 128MB RAM. The older machines are hard to add a lot of RAM to without overspending on them. Recommended minimum speed is 500Mhz or greater. XP Home if a new machine.
  • Office machine: As above but to speed up the work flow we recommend 800Mhz or better with 256MBs RAM. 20 Gig Hard Drive. XP Pro
  • Games machine: Also 800Mhz or better and 256MBs RAM and a good video card. 40 Gig Hard Drive. XP Pro.
  • Video Machine: For editing video. 2.4 GHz or better, 512MBs RAM, Good video card, Firewire and a digital video camera with AV in, so that you can take a feed from a VHS video source. 80Gig or larger Hard Drive. XP Pro.
  • Power user machine: 3.0+ GHz processor, 1 Gig RAM, 120 Gig Hard Drive, Powerful Video Card with twin outlets.2 monitors preferably LCD 17", Firewire card, XP Pro. Wireless mouse. Gel mouse pad.

Notes: We recommend:

  • That you don't try and install XP on a machine slower than 800MHz.
  • That you install XP Home or Pro on a new machine and not Win 98.
  • On older machines we only install Win 98SE not Win 95 or 98 1st edition or ME.
  • Do not give your old slow machine to someone that will expect it to run well on the net, especially if it is their first machine. It will come back to bite you.
  • See our Help page for further advice which we try to keep current.


We enjoy teaching our customers so they can do much of the maintenance themselves.

We can also provide training in most of the software we sell.

PC Rebuilds

We specialise in doing computer rebuilds.

What is a rebuild?

A rebuild is when we save your data, format the drive (Clean it off) and then do a complete reinstall.

We do the following:

  • Capture all of your internet settings and passwords.
  • Note the drivers that your computer requires.
  • Save your data and email, including address book.
  • Format the hard Drive.
  • Test the hard drive if it is suspect.
  • Freshly install the operating system with hardware drivers.
  • Download and install all the latest updates.
  • Install Major software like MSOffice.
  • Install antivirus software.
  • Move your data back checking it for viruses.
  • Setup internet and email.
  • If we return it to your premises then we setup your printer and scanner.

Website Design

Gracedezynz: We love designing websites. Need we say more. (See our own and our customers. Many of which we setup)

Baker Hall, Manukau Radiology, Ranfurly Care , New Image International, Rhythm n Steps, Gilead, Leftfield Productions.

Network cabling

We are trained in both fibre and standard copper network cabling. Telephone cabling. We have test equipment for networks, and are able to set up wireless networks, shared internet and printers. Also ADSL installation. We do recommend that you get Telecom to do a full install of an ADSL connection if you have a monitored security alarm.

Remote support

We are able to manage your computer remotely if that is required.