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We believe in the Golden rule:

"It's your Gold, so you make the Rules."

Many of our customers have told us that what they really appreciate about our support, is that we don't talk down to them and make them feel stupid. We recognise that we all have strengths in the areas that we focus on most. Our goal is to help raise your skill level in IT and show you how IT can help in your business and home, without diverting you from your core business. To do this we give you understanding of inner workings of computers and tools that you can easily use to maintain your computer on a daily/weekly basis. Hence our COMPUTER 101 page which describes in everyday terms what is going on in your computer and our 6 step diagnostics/repair tool kit so you can keep your pc running well..

For those who would rather we did it for you we are more than happy to come to you with minimal charge for travel (covering Orewa-Papakura) and at a very reasonable hourly rate (with discounts for a cup of tea.) We are also happy to provide help over the phone or by email for those things that are easy to solve that way. (Please be patient if you go to our voice mail, as we like to give our customers our full attention when needed. We will get back to you asap.)

We have customers all over NZ, Australia,and even holidaying in England who ring for help. If you are looking to travel out of town or overseas we can help with what you need to continue operating while you are away. We can set up IPASS so you can access the internet in most major cities in the world using a NZ account. Also advise on global roaming with your cellphone. We can set you up with a virtual office for when you are mobile in your business. If the job requires it we are more than happy to work through the night to get it done.

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